Remember These Sites?

I’ve worked on a lot of different camsites; most of them aren’t even around anymore. Sometimes I feel a little sentimental about the “old” days, so here are a few of the now-defunct webcam sites where I might have played with you one-on-one on cam:


SexxyEyes: The Classy Camsite

Back in the day, was one of the best and most underrated camsites. It was a nice site to work on that served camgirls well, prioritizing us over promoters and striving to offer a high-quality experience on both sides of the cam. Unfortunately it didn’t have as much traffic as bigger camsites. Still, I was surprised when it died.

I vaguely recall part of their decline MAYBE having to do with “upgrading” their software/interface, which nine times out of ten is a sign the end is near on a camsite – I’ve seen it at least a dozen times which I guess means I could come up with a better statistic than nine times out of ten. Site owners will dump a shitload of money into improvements that actually wind up breaking the site and/or there’s inner turmoil over who owns the software and they’re forced to change it; anyway, I don’t know for sure if that’s what killed SexxyEyes but even if I’m remembering correctly and that did happen and play a part in it, it was probably only ONE reason.

SexxyEyes did a lot of things right, and strove to recognize and reward top performers. Because of that and the smaller roster of camgirls, I actually got to know some of the people involved (Murphy and top camgirls), which was nice. I vaguely recall some drunken make-out time I had in a limo with one of their winning ladies, Fiona something-or-other with terrific little titties. Apparently the next morning she was mortified or grossed-out or something that she’d lezzed out with me. AWESOME . . .



I was a "Pleasure Girl"!

I think PleasureGirls was the first site I worked on where blocks of time were sold and then we camgirls hooked up with the guys via video conferencing software like ispq, ICUii, and netmeeting (FUCK that screencap brings back memories). We all were using Black Ice and ZoneAlarm as firewalls in those days to protect ourselves from hacking since we were making direct connections (I fucking LOVED ZoneAlarm).

PleasureGirls also had a group lobby we were supposed to all hang out and chat in kind of like a virtual bordello, which I actually liked better than all the free cams being given away these days, except it was usually dead in there and we were just wasting time entertaining each other and waiting for the people in charge to make sure the dudes buying time weren’t scammers who were going to charge back. I had some good regulars there; a few of them are still “with me” as members to my site, which is pretty fucking awesome. I even met one of them in real life! I was so young and horny and stupid back then!! I should tell you parts of that story sometime . . . (without compromising his privacy, of course, because I would never do that – I’m the one who looks like a dipshit in that story anyway).



City of Lustonia

Oh gosh . . . I hardly spent any time working on there at all and never quite figured out the culture of the place (I don’t think the name was supposed to remind you of the Lusitania, but was supposed to call to mind a supercity of LUST). I probably spent more time on ICQ chatting with the owner than doing shows for money. All these years later I actually still masturbate to a taboo experience he confessed to me. I wonder what happened to that guy. For some reason on one of my Lustonia check stubs it says that I owe him $18. Huh.


I didn’t work on TriCams much and the site is still live, but I can’t log in. Actually, I think that might be why I hardly ever worked there. Because there were two login areas and four different pieces of information you had to choose from to enter into two different fields and maybe I just couldn’t keep it straight so it was never convenient and maybe the pricing structure was weird and I didn’t get it. But I have friends who LOVED that site and made great money on it. I think at the time it also seemed more oriented to having groups of people watching you and I was just better at one-on-one individualized shows. Perhaps that is why I am not a camgirl millionaire.

Private Camz

There were a lot of great things about working on PrivateCamz. In spite of their press-releases, NO, it wasn’t the traffic because they didn’t have a lot of it, but there were some good things about it. I pretty much stopped working there because to get a better cut you had to also do group shows on the amateurcamz network which they were giving away for free which mostly just attracted assholes AND THEN THEY TOTALLY BUSTED IT errrr IMPROVED it! So anyway, I closed my account there. The site is still alive, but under a different IMPROVED name. Oh wait, I actually did keep doing shows on amateurcamz until they fucking closed my account without emailing me for breaking a rule that didn’t exist that their “cam cop” didn’t tell me I was breaking during my show while he was supposedly watching me break it. What the fuck ever. They did re-activate my account and I did a few more group shows there before giving up on it right around the time they made their amazing improvements.

Coming Soon:

xxxcambabes (sound familiar?)

SpyOnYou & KaylaCam (and you thought voyeur cam / lifecam sites were a NEW thing!)

TrixieCam (the sordid history of a domain that should have been mine a long time ago


These few memories in no way encompass everything that was good and bad about all of these sites . . . they’re just a tiny peek into the world of adult webcams.

I’d LOVE to read your comments if you have any memories of your own to share about these sites. For my own legal protection and as a professional courtesy I will not publish comments that could amount to defamation. I’d love to read them myself, though. Mwahahaha! Nice memories of specific sites, the performers working on them, and/or notorious customers would be awesome!

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  1. SexxyEyes fan says:

    SexxyEyes was my favorite there was a girl nammed Sydney with huge breast I looked for her all the time. wink wink

    • Sydney fan says:

      I remember Sydney she was from Las Vegas a true slut she gave me her phone number I ended up going there and fucking her what big tits she had wow

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